Tape Music #2

by Lenhart Tapes

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Whoosh, this fellow side-burner unconsiously beamed me up to the world of Reverse Racism. Already scheming a distro blurb together about the The Ultimate Balkans Tape, I quickly got soaked in the green-brown puddle which celebrates the "authenticity" of the Exotic Other, who - in contrast to the "inhibited, anemic Western Europeans" - still exhibits a prodigious lust for life. Which is off course as ideologically depraved as the "healty nationalism" and "look,-sloppy-war-mongering-and-getting-drunk-is-in-our-nature" myths that get fabricated at Emir Kusturica's sweat shops. Ok, some blood still floats where it can't float and Plato's "throw all the poets out of city hall" (Slavoj Zizek Remix) is still lurking around the corner but when you wade a bit more in this walkman pogrom the Balkans are suddenly stretched-out 'til the Far East. So forget the politico-military complex, send back your Sublime Frequencies cds/lps if you're liking them for other reasons than the intrinsic quality of the music and the excellent compiling/packaging jobs, and drop the fake gold/Nike suits clichés of what isn't even Eastern Europe in the first place. Dr. Dabic's metaphysical reign is over. What you'll get is a hot pot of audio lectures for e-bow & heavy metal guitar school, traditional/ritual Zikr from Syria, the Master Musicians of Jajouka, a Yugo answer to GG Allin called Satan Panonski, Slovakian folk songs, globalistic low-fi noise soundscapes & rhythm rumble by local heroes Klopka Za Pionira & Si Patron, crypto-turbofolk by Sinan Sakic, Korean Sinavi, Bosnian negro spirituals in the form of Ilahije, epic Serbian gusle jerking and heaps of unknown field recordings and random spoken word tapes picked up at various Central & Southern European flea markets.


released September 7, 2011

Recorded live at the "Nema tog podruma" radio show, Novi Radio Beograd
Cover: Ignace De Bruyn & Milja Radovanović
Label: No Basement Is Deep Enough (NBIDE #6)
Format: Cassette, Limited Edition
Country: Belgium / Serbia



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Lenhart Tapes Novi Sad, Serbia

One guy, 4 walkmans. Goat and sheep dialogues, muslim chanting, loops, e-bow instructions, turbo-folk anthems, language lessons, satanist rituals, heavy metal guitar for beginners…

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